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You most likely hold the title of CEO, COO, CFO , VP or Director. You may be in a Fortune 500™ company or a start-up.  You could be presented with an employment agreement. Or, you could be in transition and have been presented with a severance package.   You're concerned that if you make unwise choices, your professional and financial future may be in jeopardy.  You need advice.  You need direction.  You need peace of mind.  You need answers.

Why do you need an attorney?

In today's business climate, executives are advancing their careers more rapidly and earning more than ever before.  They probably transition from one organization to another more than five times before they retire.  Each time they make a transition, their future is at stake.

Your employer hired an attorney – shouldn't you?

Employers are smart when it comes to negotiating compensation.  After all, isn't their primary business objective based upon increasing the "bottom line?"  Your employer probably has an attorney, possibly in the background, to be sure that the terms of your deal are negotiated in its favor.  You need to even the odds. You may even know the employer's attorney, and you may feel it would be difficult to negotiate on your own behalf. 

Why choose Nick Yocca?

• He knows how employers think because he has represented employers.

• He provides services professionally and efficiently.

• The cost is relatively low as compared with the value provided.


Nick will serve executives in all of the following situations:

• Separating from employment

• Being Hired and Employment Contract Renewal

• Contract/Policy Compliance Issues

• Risk Mitigation

• Estate Planning

 Family Legal Counselor 

Personalized, Professional and Confidential Service

We don't offer canned solutions!  We understand that your situation is unique and will guide you every step of the way with individualized solutions.  We meet our client's needs personally, professionally and confidentially, one executive at a time.

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