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  • Gatekeepers

    Intermediaries (such as attorneys, accountants, bankers, headhunters, and consultants) who venture capitalists look to as sounding boards and advisors in sourcing and gaining introductions to potential portfolio company investments.

  • General Partner

    With respect to a venture capital fund organized as a limited partnership, the partner designated and responsible for all aspects of managing the fund, including communicating with limited partners, raising capital for the fund, screening and making portfolio investments, nurturing and overseeing portfolio companies, and assisting with effecting exits and liquidity. [more ...]

  • Going Private

    A transaction by a public company that chooses to refinance, repurchase the equity of all public investors, delist from all stock exchanges, and become owned by a combination of the company's management, its employees, and private investors.

  • Golden Handcuffs

    A financial incentive or award that, by its terms, encourages either founders, managers, officers, key employees or others to continue to serve the company until specified "vesting" dates or the achievement of agreed milestones.

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  • Growth Stage

    The middle stage or state of development of a company when it has already received one or more rounds of funding, has Initial customers and is beginning to generate revenue (at an increasing rate) from its proven product or service offerings. [more ...]

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