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  • Hedge Fund

    An investment fund that is offered and sold to investors by a private offering of a company that is not a registered investment company.

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  • Hell or High Water

    A phrase used to describe a definitive agreement having few, if any, conditions to closing. Once the hell-or high-water definitive agreement is signed, there are very few "outs" and thus (as a general proposition) the parties must proceed to closing.

  • Hockey Stick Projections

    The upward-slanting shape of a graph or chart, as if the blade of the hockey stick is on the ground in the left side of the picture, with the handle slanting upwardly toward the right side, as in a line graph showing successive, continuous increases period over period.

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  • Holding Securities

    These are three general ways for a holder to hold any given securities, including but not limited to any given shares of stock: physical certificate, street name registration, or direct registration.

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  • Hurdle Rate

    The minimum preferred rate of return to limited partners in a venture capital fund (organized as a limited partnership) to be achieved (after the return of limited partner invested capital) before the general partner's (or fund manager's) carried interest kicks in. [more ...]

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