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To protect your work effectively, you need a copyright. Whether you are located in Orange County, California or overseas, registering your copyright with the United States Copyright Office prevents others from using or distributing your work without your permission. Maybe you just want to know if someone else's work is in the public domain or if your use of another's work is fair use. The Yocca Law Firm understands copyright law and is experienced in securing, licensing, and litigating copyrights.

As an Employer You May Own Copyrights in the Works of Employees

In many cases, even works that your employees create on the job are considered “works made for hire.” You, and not your employee, own the copyright in works made for hire. The Yocca Law Firm can help protect whatever rights you may have in the works of your employees.

Many Works Are Subject to Copyright

The Yocca Law Firm can help you register, secure, and deal with copyrights in works of all kinds:

• Literary works

• Musical works

• Pictorial, graphic, and sculptural work

• Motion pictures

• Sound recordings

• Architectural works

• Computer software

• Derivative works and compilations

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