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Gloria Dahlberg, Vice President HILEVEL Technology, Inc. Recommends Nicholas Yocca

"January 29, 2008 For over a decade, we at HILEVEL Technology, Inc. have relied on the capable advice from Nicholas Yocca, Esq. on all legal and corporate matters, including business contracts, corporate finance and governance. Certainly, Nick's profound understanding and quick grasp of the legal ramifications on all aspects of business dealings will help any company forestall or avert potential problems. A keener mind would be difficult to find, as his other clients will readily attest (his partial client list includes: NetSoft, Microsemi, Applied Data Communications, Systonetics, Gamespy, Edupoint, Sierra Design Labs, Routerware, Beadlenet). More importantly, Nick is a consummate negotiator who would be an invaluable asset to any team at the table. He can readily discern the central issues and get the job done. In short, he is a top-flight dealmaker who knows how to make any deal stick."
– Gloria Dahlberg, Vice President HILEVEL Technology, Inc.

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