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If you came here seeking legal advice

  • We do not offer free consultations or free advice, but we usually offer the alternative of working by the hour to analyze the issue or the matter.
  • We will not provide legal advice unless and until we mutually sign a contract for the work and we may or may not choose to offer a contract for the work.
  • Likewise you have no commitment to sign a contract or to hire us, and you may consult independent legal counsel to advise you concerning any contract we may propose.
  • We have numerous criteria we may apply in accepting legal work, and we have a very limited time to analyze proposals.
  • Rejection or disinterest on our part is absolutely no reflection whatsoever on your proposal but rather our limitations and other pre-existing commitments. 

If you are considering hiring us

  • All our contracts with a client reflect the agreed hourly rate of our fees and that clients pay the out-of-pocket costs.
  • As we work by the hour, we do not accept contingency-fee cases and do not work for restricted equity in private companies.

If your legal matter is or might be time-sensitive

  • Please pursue all your possibilities, any others as well, until you have legal counsel. 

Our Promise about Your Privacy

  • You have a Constitutional right to communicate with potential legal counsel, and we are happy to receive those inquiries.
  • My team will treat inquiries and the information in them as your secrets. We will share no information about you with anyone else but you.

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